Should You Choose a Restaurant Franchise or a Service Franchise?

A HoneyBaked franchise employee makes five sandwiches at a restaurant prep station.

If you’re considering entering the world of franchise ownership, you’ve got plenty of exciting decisions to make. One of the very first things to decide is which type of business you want to own. Each franchise brings unique benefits. Understanding those benefits can be the key to making the right franchise decision for you. So, let’s look at some of the ways a restaurant franchise can stand out from other opportunities.

Restaurant Franchises Have a Proven Business Model

Business models are an important consideration when purchasing a franchise. You’ll need clear guidance on how you’ll run your business, serve your guests, and scale your operation. A restaurant franchise like HoneyBaked makes things easier with a tried-and-true model proven the world over.

The Honey Baked Ham Co. has been serving guests for more than 60 years. In that time, we’ve learned how to help our franchisees achieve their dreams of business with ownership with a model that goes beyond other restaurants to include retail sales and more. Compared to service businesses, the restaurant franchise model has the history and the longevity to make a prime opportunity for the right entrepreneur.

Restaurants Franchises Offer Marketing & Operations Assistance

Advertising, marketing, and general operations are also important components of running a business, especially when you first start out. From finding the perfect location, to opening a restaurant that customers will flock to, to promoting your business locally and building your online presence, having help when you need it is essential.

Compared to service franchises, marketing a business like a Honey Baked Ham franchise can be easier thanks to our strong brand recognition and support from our corporate team. Our franchisees receive assistance where they need it, including customizable collateral and advisors ready to offer assistance. Combined with the strong affection customers have for the Honey Baked Ham Co., our franchisees can be well-prepared to market their businesses in their local areas.

Restaurant Franchises Can Enjoy Additional Revenue Streams Like Retail Sales

Honey Baked Ham franchises offer multiple revenue streams, including retail sales, to take even greater advantage of demand. Through retail sales, franchisees can connect with more customers by offering their favorite hams, turkeys, sides, and more for them to take home and enjoy on their own time.

By adding retail sales to their restaurant franchise, HoneyBaked franchise owners can build year-round business on top of our uptick during the holiday season. While some service franchises can see drop offs, a restaurant franchise with retail sales can bring in the customers every day.

Restaurant Franchises Require Fewer Specialized Team Members

Restaurant franchises like HoneyBaked are able to operate efficiently with team members trained to provide exceptional service to customers. While some service franchises require certifications or training on specialized equipment, restaurant franchises can be better positioned to find qualified staff with restaurant experience.

See the Benefits for Yourself

Now that you’ve seen just a few of the benefits to owning a restaurant franchise with HoneyBaked, you can make a more informed decision moving forward. To see more advantages of the Honey Baked Ham franchise opportunity, get in touch with us. We’re excited to show you what it’s like to be a part of the HoneyBaked family.

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