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Marketing is an excellent opportunity to get the attention of customers in your community and bring them into your restaurant franchise. There are many different techniques to create marketing strategies, connect with the community, and get your franchise name out there—so where do you even start? Don’t worry, because the Honey Baked Ham franchise  has everything sorted out for you already. Keep reading to learn the basics of our marketing techniques and what we can do to market your store together.


Anyone looking into restaurant franchise opportunities will know that a great reputation is key to gaining—and keeping—customers. As a franchisee, you can rely on the HoneyBaked name and reputation to help promote your store while building your own popularity locally.

At HoneyBaked, we’ve got a name that can help put your store on the map as well as decades of experience to back you up. Our history goes as far back as 1957 when the famous Honey Baked Hamâ first graced the dinner tables of hungry customers everywhere. Since then, we’ve continued building our iconic brand with a legendary legacy that franchisees like you can use to your advantage. Together, we can continue delivering America’s favorite foods and keep guests coming back to your store for more.


Our team is here to help make the grand opening of your Honey Baked Ham franchise as straightforward as possible. We’ll help make sure you’ve got everything you need to make the day run smoothly and attract customers from every corner of your territory. Each franchisee is partnered with a Franchise Business Leader, whose responsibilities include helping you market and promote the store. They’ll be there before the grand opening to train you on HoneyBaked business essentials. That way, you can be fully prepared for the day and feel ready to finally open the doors and let in your very first customers.

Our support doesn’t stop at grand opening, either. We’ve got your back throughout your ownership journey, helping you get ready for holidays, providing access to educational webinars, and connecting weekly to answer questions.


Building strong connections with your community is another important technique in marketing your restaurant franchise. Your franchise needs contacts with other local business owners to keep your name circulating around town. That way, you can rely on word-of-mouth marketing to free up your resources while still bringing in customers every day.

Your Franchise Business Leader at HoneyBaked can help with that, too. They can guide and advise you on the best ways to make connections with the community—whether it be with local businesses, nonprofits, or religious organizations. Together, we can get your restaurant franchise on their radar for catering, business lunches, and more.


With the marketing basics covered, our franchise team is excited to get you started on your own HoneyBaked marketing program. Contact us today to learn how we can help you open a restaurant franchise and promote it together.

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