A HoneyBaked Holiday is More Than Ham

Photo of broccoli, macaroni and cheese, and sweet potato dishes

While we certainly love our classic and delicious Honey Baked Ham®, our holiday favorites include many different main courses and side dishes to please your customers. From traditional staples to new recipes, we find a way to keep everyone happy and satisfy their hunger with a single stop in your Honey Baked Ham franchise.

Why is product variety important to your business? Find out why having different options brings additional value to you, your store, and every customer that you serve.

Delicious Options for Everyone

At HoneyBaked, we like to keep things interesting. Your customers will always love the classics—like our famous Honey Baked Ham—and they’re certainly here for the holiday favorites—including our Honey Bakedä Turkey Breast and pecan pie.

To keep your customers excited during each holiday season, we make sure that our Honey Baked Ham franchise owners can offer a variety of different options, too. From loaded smashed potatoes and Tuscan-style broccoli to green bean casserole and cinnamon apples, there’s something for everyone. That way, you and your team can help any customer find the right meal for them.

Spice Things Up at your Deli Franchise

Having options for your customers’ dinners is key to piquing and maintaining their interest for many holidays to come. HoneyBaked makes sure you can satisfy their needs and provide a full meal for customers with different tastes.

We’ll also help you market these options, so you can start attracting new customers into your deli franchise store. So, even if you don’t have a lot of experience in local marketing, you can still access quality resources to get the job done. We’ll partner with you to create eye-catching materials—including local paid social media ads, post cards, emails, and radio broadcasts. Your store’s wide variety of tasty foods will reach the eyes and ears of your future customers in no time.

Gift Yourself Repeat Business

Encouraging repeat business in your store can help items to fly off the shelves all year long, not just during the holidays. As a Honey Baked Ham franchise owner, many of your customers will be looking to gift your products to others. From clients and employees to friends and family, Honey Baked Hams make thoughtful and practical holiday presents for all.

HoneyBaked will help you get involved in your community and network with local businesses, so you can encourage gift-giving long before the holidays roll around. By laying the groundwork now, your deli franchise will thank you later as customers trickle in for their hams. Your Franchise Business Leader can help you establish long-term goals and connect with the local community. That way, you’re prepared for the gift-giving, holiday rush.

Own a Honey Baked Ham Franchise

As a deli franchise owner with HoneyBaked, repeat business during the holiday season can boost your business and help generate interest all year long. We’ll help you market to and network with your community and local business groups to get the ball rolling.

Ready to learn how to get started with HoneyBaked? Request more information today, so we can get to know each other and begin creating a warm and welcoming store for your customers during the holiday season.

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