Why HoneyBaked is a Great Franchise for Women

HoneyBaked Ham Franchisee standing by the fridges

HoneyBaked is an excellent opportunity for women looking to own their own businesses on their own terms. Our franchisees have the freedom to decide what ownership looks like for them and how they want to run their businesses on a day-to-day basis. Women who franchise with HoneyBaked are directly contributing to the overall rise of women franchise owners, benefit from family-friendly hours and join a network of other women HoneyBaked franchisees.

Increase of Women in Franchising

Over the past decade, there has been a noticeable increase in women entering the franchising space as owners. And it’s no wonder why. Franchises offer the support, flexibility and resources that traditional business owners simply don’t have. For example, with HoneyBaked, franchisees receive a dedicated franchise business leader to help guide them through the early days of owning their own business. With franchising, women can have it all; the time to spend at home with their loved ones and the business ownership they’ve spent their careers preparing for. And HoneyBaked is a great opportunity for women looking to join the franchise industry as owners.

Family-Friendly Hours

Thanks to our family-friendly store hours, HoneyBaked franchisees who choose to be owner-operators don’t have to sacrifice quality time with their loved ones to run their business. Because our hams get delivered to each HoneyBaked store fully cooked, franchise owners don’t have to open up at the break of dawn to get prepped. That means you still have time to drive the morning carpool before getting your day started as a business owner.

HoneyBaked franchisees are also rarely at their stores late into the night. As a franchise owner, you will be able to create a schedule that works for you. You will have time to wrap up the day’s business and make it home to your loved ones to share a meal, tackle bath time and tuck in the kiddos. Other franchises, especially other restaurant franchises, just don’t have the same family-friendly hours that HoneyBaked offers, making us one of the most attractive franchises for women.

Network of Other Women Franchisees

The HoneyBaked system already has a strong franchisee network full of amazing women willing to offer encouragement and support to the newest members of our franchise. Our brand is made up of franchisees like Tricia Sluder, who is also a member of the Franchise Advisory Council; Jennifer Hernon, in Morristown, Tennessee; and Rhonda True out of South Carolina. These women are all active franchisees at different stages of their HoneyBaked journeys. You can join them by franchising with HoneyBaked and becoming a part of a franchise system full of strong, ambitious women making a real difference in their communities.

HoneyBaked is a great franchise for women because we offer the family-friendly hours that other restaurant franchises don’t, and we have a history of women franchisees having positive impacts on their communities. If you are ready to join the other women in the HoneyBaked system, start your journey to ownership today by reaching out to our team for more information.

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