The Next Step of the Adventure: How Jennifer Has Built Her HoneyBaked Business

Jennifer Hernon and her two sons

Jennifer Hernon recently opened a HoneyBaked store in her community, but her journey to franchising started about six years ago. Find out more about what led her to HoneyBaked in her first blog.

We checked back in with Jennifer now that she is more settled into her role as a HoneyBaked owner-operator. Her perseverance and fortitude kickstarted her HoneyBaked journey and, we’ve discovered, her thirst for adventure and sense of caring are what keep her motivated.

Jennifer’s HoneyBaked Adventure

“Owning and operating a HoneyBaked is an adventure,” Jennifer says. “I have learned to expect the unexpected.” Despite encountering the unpredictable every day, Jennifer says that no surprises have made her feel unprepared to be a HoneyBaked franchisee.

Along the way, Jennifer has been able to lean on her franchise business consultant as she continues to learn new lessons of business ownership, like preparing for surprise expenses and staff turnover. Just a few months in, Jennifer’s HoneyBaked experience has included her grand opening, hiring new staff and living by her own schedule.

Her HoneyBaked adventure has also included her first holiday as a store owner. “We had a good Easter Holiday,” Jennifer says. “We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving.” Until then, Jennifer’s store can focus on some of HoneyBaked’s other streams of revenue like delicious made-to-order sandwiches or catering boxes and platters.

Building a Strong Team

Jennifer’s staff now includes someone to take the lead on catering and promoting HoneyBaked’s catering services. Her staff also includes a high school student, and a college student serving customers at the front of the house.

The HoneyBaked Tools

Staffing can be a challenge for some franchisees, but HoneyBaked franchise business consultants are a great resource to help them meet their goals. Franchise business consultants can show franchisees where to find the tools that will help them determine their own hiring practices and training methods. Jennifer’s new staff members include someone with lots of customer service experience from working at a local winery but needed more training with food safety and preparation. HoneyBaked makes sure that each franchisee has the tools to train each team member.

Providing Jobs

Jennifer is passionate about providing jobs in her community for those who need them. “I also have hired a former nurse who was in a car accident and cannot handle nursing anymore, she is just now getting back in the workforce,” Jennifer says. HoneyBaked’s franchise model benefits all employees; no one needs to start their days before the sun is up because all products are delivered to stores fully cooked. Although Jennifer has expanded her HoneyBaked team, providing more jobs in her community, her core staff (like assistant manager Carrie Lott) has been stable, which Jennifer appreciates.

Jennifer truly cares for her staff, and she does her best every day to support them. She is driven to continuously learn about being a HoneyBaked owner. And that knowledge empowers her entire team. “Knowing that people are depending on me for their jobs keeps me motivated.”

Jennifer’s Next Steps

We’re excited to see the next steps on Jennifer’s HoneyBaked adventure, as we make sure to support her at each stage of the franchise journey. Are you ready to start your HoneyBaked franchise journey? Let’s get in contact.

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