How Community Connections Can Grow Your HoneyBaked Business

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Many HoneyBaked franchisees choose to be owner-operators, taking a hands-on role in their food retailer businesses. One of the key roles a franchisee plays is community leader. Not all franchisees choose to do this themselves—some prefer to hire a community liaison to help connect their business to their community. Whatever their approach, establishing community connections is crucial to the success and growth of a franchise. Why? We’re glad you asked!

Gain Positive Publicity

Especially in the face of challenging times, people recognize the importance of coming together and extending a helping hand. As a HoneyBaked franchisee, the more active you are as a community leader, the more the people of your community will take notice of your contributions. Sponsoring a local sports team, spearheading a local food drive, donating to a worthy cause—all of these give your community and your business visibility. When you take care of the people in your area, they’ll remember you and your business.

Boost Your Business

In our decades of experience, we’ve seen when HoneyBaked franchisees have strong roots in their communities, these relationships help build their businesses. Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the most powerful marketing tools and their impact on your food retailer franchise growth can’t be oversold. Aside from how good it can feel on a personal level to give back, your HoneyBaked business’ reputation as a generous, charitable community partner will encourage more members of your community to visit your store and support your business.

Another way community connection can improve business is through establishing a network of fellow local business owners. Discuss the local market, exchange growth strategies and share lessons you’ve learned as owners. Whether you make organic connections, meet at networking events or join your local chamber of commerce, networking with business decision-makers can help improve your reach as a retailer.

Discovering Potential Employees

Boosting your visibility through positive community impact has another helpful advantage—letting job-seekers in your town know HoneyBaked is hiring and that your business has heart. You’ll likely see more leads come in when you put out a call for new team members, and those leads will be more likely to share your values and service mentality. Additionally, volunteers at special events (for example, a charity drive your franchise is catering) might surprise and impress you with their affinity for good customer service or strong work ethic.

Making the Most of Your Ownership Lifestyle

In light of last year’s global pandemic, HoneyBaked franchisees have found new opportunities to improve their quality of life through giving back and paying it forward in their communities. One HoneyBaked franchisee in Dalton, GA donated hams and cakes to staff members at their local hospital. Another franchisee in Chicago donated box lunches to the emergency department at a hospital near their store. At HoneyBaked, we know life feels good when we can make a positive impact and establish lasting relationships in our communities.

Have you been wanting to be more involved in your community? Become a local HoneyBaked franchise owner and get started! Reach out to our team for more information.

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