How to Hire the Best Employees

Happy Honeybaked Ham Employees

Hiring is crucial for any quick-serve restaurant owner, including HoneyBaked franchisees. We have some tips that will help you flesh out your team but, at the end of the day, our franchisees are responsible for hiring their own employees.

Understand Your Needs

As the owner of your HoneyBaked store, no one understands exactly what you need on a daily basis better than you do. Whether it’s just more hands on deck during the holidays, a catering manager to help you grow that revenue stream, or a general manager that would allow you to focus on business growth strategies, you know what your HoneyBaked business needs.

Before you start the hiring process, we recommend you evaluate and understand your staffing needs. Having a clear idea of the roles you need to fill will help guide the entire process. Plus, the interview questions you would ask when interviewing for a part-time cashier are going to be pretty different than the questions you would ask a general manager candidate.

Create Accurate Job Descriptions

Once you understand exactly what kind of position your HoneyBaked store needs, it’s time to create job descriptions to be posted on online job boards. It’s vital that these descriptions are accurate to the job you need filled; people want to know what they’re applying for. Plus, if an employee comes into a job knowing exactly what to expect, they won’t feel as overwhelmed when it’s time to hit the ground running. They’ll know what they signed up for.

Don’t Rush

When your team is consistently busy, it can be tempting to hire as quickly as possible. But you don’t want to rush the process. This tip is especially important if you are looking for someone to be a part of your HoneyBaked team long-term. You’ll want to find someone who is a good fit for the culture you’ve already created. Or else, you’ll be starting the hiring process all over again sooner than you would like.

Seasonal Hiring

Many HoneyBaked franchisees find they have a need for extra employees during Christmastime or in the run-up to Easter. With seasonal hires, it’s most important to find people who are hard-working and available when you need them. Ideally, you’ll be able to build a pool of seasonal hires who are willing to come back when you need them year-after-year, but that type of long-term thinking isn’t quite as important when you just need some extra hands — and smiles — for a few weeks at a time.

Encourage Team Members to Stay

The best way to reduce the time you spend hiring is to get team members to stay or encourage seasonal hires to come back. It’s as easy as extending the signature HoneyBaked warmth to everyone. By creating an environment that is warm, inviting, and dedicated to customer service, you’ll have a store that people are not only happy to come to every day but a potential career they’ll want to stay in long-term. Good attitudes, industry-appropriate pay and HoneyBaked’s family-friendly hours are other reasons team members want to continue to work with our brand.

You have the tips to help you build your HoneyBaked team. But before that, you have to start your HoneyBaked franchise journey. Take the first step by reaching out for more information about the HoneyBaked franchise opportunity.

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