Seasonal Holiday Training

The holiday season is, without a doubt, the busiest time to be a HoneyBaked franchisee. Between November and early January, we’re busy helping our customers sustain (or start!) holiday traditions. That means what our franchisees do during the holidays is important, both for their businesses and their loyal customers. To help our franchisees prepare, we offer seasonal training (that builds on initial business and operations training) each year so they can make the most of the holiday ham demand. 

HoneyBaked Holiday Season

Honey Baked Hams are a part of holiday traditions for thousands of families. That means during the holiday season, HoneyBaked franchisees are doing their part to make sure their loyal customers’ holiday celebrations go off without a hitch. We do the cooking so our customers can get to the important task of enjoying their friends and family. Plus, we offer more than the World’s Best Ham, we sell turkeys, too, in addition to a variety of classic holiday side dishes like our heat-and-serve mashed potatoes, country cornbread stuffing and green bean casserole.

The holidays are our busiest – and most lucrative – time of the year. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Honey Baked Hams to be glazed and gold foil-wrapped at every HoneyBaked store. We provide our newer franchisees the training and support to make the most of the holiday season in an efficient, manageable way.

Seasonal Training

With a high demand for the World’s Best Ham and with lines wrapped around the block, HoneyBaked franchisees have a lot to manage during the holiday season. Seasonal training builds on the initial franchisee training that covers HoneyBaked’s proven operations by teaching franchisees how to take advantage of the fast-paced, high-output holiday season.

Over the years, seasonal holiday training has proven vital to our franchisees’ success. HoneyBaked’s holiday training prepares franchisees to manage a team that’s larger than usual, keep track of more orders than normal, and how to utilize our point of sale system to reach and serve our loyal customers effectively. 

Franchise Business Leaders

Franchise business leaders (FBLs) all have experience in operations, plus, a deep knowledge of the HoneyBaked system. They make an excellent resource for our franchisees as the holiday season nears. FBLs have seen it all and have been with HoneyBaked through many holiday seasons. They can answer questions and provide information on streamlining operations and maximizing profitability. 

Increasing Efficiency

Many HoneyBaked franchisees hire seasonal staff to help get our signature, crunchy, glazed hams to loyal customers who have made us part of their holiday traditions for years – or even decades! Seasonal training helps franchisees learn to manage their temporary teams.

Holiday training also helps franchisees adjust their normal operations to accommodate a bigger staff and a higher volume of orders. For example, some HoneyBaked franchisees transform their normal kitchens into assembly lines during the holiday season. This way, each member of the team has the opportunity to master their task, whether its drizzling glaze, manning the blow torch or gold foil wrapping each ham. Seasonal training offers HoneyBaked franchisees more tips on increasing efficiency.

Before each holiday season, HoneyBaked franchisees have the opportunity to take part in seasonal, holiday training that will help them prepare for – and take advantage of – HoneyBaked’s busiest time of year. If you are ready to join a franchise that offers excellent franchise support year-round, please reach out for more information.

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