How Quality Products Can Help Your Honey Baked Ham Franchise Stand Out

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At Honey Baked Ham, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our products, which we have been perfecting since 1957. Our signature, gold foil-wrapped Honey Baked Ham has been a holiday centerpiece for many families who have come to expect nothing short of the best when including our flavorful meals on their dinner table. As a franchise owner with us, you’ll be backed by our brand’s reputation for top-notch quality products, allowing you to tap into our loyal customer base. Keep on reading to find out more about how our quality products can help your Honey Baked Ham franchise stand out!


The first Honey Baked Ham Co.® store didn’t open until 1957, but the idea began back in the 1940s when Harry Hoenselaar invented the first hand-operated spiral slicing machine, which he patented in 1949. The innovative machine would be used to serve up the only ham that was pre-sliced in a patented spiral design that our restaurant franchise is still known for.

From its inception, the Honey Baked Ham franchise has been using the highest-quality bone-in hams. To ensure consistency, all products, including hams, will arrive at your store fully cooked. All you’ll need is some aluminum foil and a heavy-duty blowtorch to seal each ham with its signature crunchy glaze. Not only will this help you provide customers with incomparably tasty products, but it also means no cooking is required on your end! That means you can dedicate more of your attention and effort to delivering the best possible experience to every customer who walks through your doors.


Honey Baked Ham has a longstanding reputation for producing quality dishes made with the best ingredients. While our products may appear to be effortlessly delicious, they are actually the result of a long and laborious process, including hours of hardwood smoking, precise slicing and sawing, and finished with our mouthwatering secret recipe glaze.

Although Honey Baked Ham has become synonymous with the holiday season, customers come to us for delicious products throughout the year. Whether they’re stopping in for lunch or need crowd pleasing catering services for family parties or corporate events, people know they can rely on us for consistently quality products.

When you partner up with our restaurant franchise, you’ll be able to benefit from our reputation for quality, which will help you stand out in the industry. Families will come to you for the hams, turkeys, roasts, mouthwatering sides, and sweet desserts they’ve come to know and love.


If you’re ready to make your mark on the restaurant industry by opening a Honey Baked Ham franchise, our team wants to hear from you. We’ll talk to you about the step-by-step process and learn about your business goals. Reach out to us today to request more information about this incredible opportunity and its requirements.

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