The History Behind the Honey Baked Ham Franchise

A variety of HoneyBaked food on a table including bread, meats, and other sandwich components.

The Honey Baked Ham franchise has enjoyed an outstanding history serving hungry guests and helping franchisees build businesses they can be proud of. When you’re considering owning a franchise, it’s important to look at that history so you can start to envision where you can fit within the Honey Baked Ham franchise family.

So, let’s dive into a brief glimpse at the history of our brand and what makes HoneyBaked such a powerful restaurant franchise opportunity.

We Were Founded More than 60 Years Ago

In 1949, Harry Hoenselaar patented the world’s first spiral slicing machine to carve smoked hams. Combined with his special curing and cooking techniques and sweet honey glaze, that revolutionary innovation led him to launch the first Honey Baked Ham Co.® store in 1957. Selling incredible spiral sliced hams, he set the standard that we still hold strong today.

Over the years, the Hoenselaar family expanded their operations, with Harry bringing his children into the business. Together, they built a legacy of quality and customer satisfaction that helps The Honey Baked Ham franchise rise to the top in multiple franchise categories.

Today We Have More than 400 Stores

We’re still family owned to this day, and we’re still committed to delivering the finest quality products to our devoted customers. HoneyBaked has grown to more than 400 stores in over 40 states, and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.

We’ve made more than a few innovations along the way. We expanded our offerings to ensure guests have every opportunity to gobble up their favorite HoneyBaked products. We now offer four ways for customers to satisfy their cravings and for Honey Baked Ham Co. franchise owners to boost their revenue, as seen below.

Our Diverse and Innovative Offerings

Retail sales are a major driving force behind our restaurant franchise opportunity. Customers can grab their favorite Honey Baked Ham and all the sides they crave any time of the year. Whether they’re having a special occasion or just enjoying an evening together, guests can enjoy our outstanding fare whenever and wherever they like.

For larger events, catering services from local Honey Baked Ham franchises provide party trays and more to help families, friends, colleagues, or any other group get together.

Guests can also give the gift of HoneyBaked whenever they like with Honey Baked Ham gift cards. Making every event special is easier than ever.

Finally, our classic lunch service in our restaurants makes our mouthwatering food easily accessible. Guests can stop in for a bite and franchisees can make the most of our restaurant franchise opportunity by serving a diverse menu to loyal fans.

We’re Growing Every Day

We’ve come a long way from the early days, and we’ve grown a lot along the way. With diversified revenue streams to make Honey Baked Ham franchises even stronger, refreshed branding that looks better than ever, and redoubled efforts to be the best restaurant franchise opportunity around, the future is looking bright for Honey Baked Ham franchise owners.

Make Your Own Mark with HoneyBaked

Now’s your opportunity to put our history and model to work for you. Get in touch with our team to learn how you can make your mark and take your place among the HoneyBaked family. We’re excited to see where the Honey Baked Ham franchise can go with even more enthusiastic franchisees.

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