How HoneyBaked is Capturing the Attention of a New Generation of Ham Lovers

Two young people in HoneyBaked uniforms smiling.

The Honey Baked Ham Co® has been an American favorite for 60+ years. Now, with 400+ stores nationwide and growing, we’ve been investing heavily into product, system and marketing innovations to keep our brand ahead of the curve – and appeal to a new generation of millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

Taking Our Iconic Brand to a Whole New Level

Just last year, we launched a huge update to our brand and imaging. The Honey Baked Ham Company® is legendary – so the update had to be a perfect mix of elements that stay true to our humble Detroit, Michigan roots while pushing us forward toward the future of QSR franchising. One of our fearless leaders, Chief Marketing Officer Jo Ann Herold, puts the change into perspective:

“Our brand has an incredible heritage and, over the years, has provided special traditions for families across the country. We are proud to remain a trusted, cornerstone brand, while also designing a new look and expanded menu for our growing base of customers. Our new look is fun and contemporary, but it still pays tribute to our brand’s history. It includes a refreshed color palette and a feel of craftmanship and authenticity that will excite our loyal customers and appeal to a younger generation.”

While national rollout of the new branding has been gradual, some of our franchisees are already loving it. Virginia-based franchisee Roxie Curtis had some insight into the success of the update: “Our new branding is awesome. We have new uniforms the color of fire. And the new packaging on our heat-and-serve items – boom. Instant success. It’s the same great product but, in the updated packaging, it has really sold. One of the advantages of being in this franchise is the brand is so strong.”

Finding New Methods of Connection

One of the many ways we’ve been working to spread the sweetness of Honey Baked Ham to a younger audience is through a focus on reaching out to them where they spend a huge portion of their time: the internet. Working with online influencers on various social media platforms, our marketing and communications team has helped HoneyBaked reach and appeal to a widening audience of younger consumers, keeping our brand relevant and top-of-mind with a new generation of customers.

Adding to Our Proven Business Model

The HoneyBaked franchise concept relies on four distinct, year-round revenue streams including retail, dine-in lunch, catering and gifting, providing multiple methods for our franchisees to maximize their return on investment. And now, after exploring partnerships with online ordering and delivery apps nationwide, we’ve begun to rollout a delivery option so our customers can enjoy their favorite HoneyBaked meals without having to leave home.

We’ve also given our menu a refresh with all-new, mouthwatering offers like Loaded Smashed Potatoes and Tuscan-Style Broccoli and delicious updates to fan favorites like our Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin, Creamy Russet Mashed Potatoes, Maple Sweet Potato Soufflé, Roasted Turkey Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Country Cornbread Stuffing, Double Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese and Cinnamon Apples. While we’re implementing improvements throughout our business, we’re making sure to stay true to what works.

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