Back to School is a Lot Sweeter with Honey Baked Ham

HoneyBaked Ham Lunch Sandwich with chips and cookies.

Since our founding in 1957, Honey Baked Ham has been a steadfast supporter of community initiatives everywhere we go. Our dedication to the values of our founder, Harry Hoenselaar, has driven us to get involved with our communities whenever we can. Now that it’s back-to-school time, we thought we’d highlight some of the ways our franchisees can give back and support the schools and students in their towns.

It’s a Family Thing

As a company still owned and operated by our founding family, we always put family first. That’s why our organization and our franchisees work to create opportunities for our schools and the kids that attend them.

There are a number of ways Honey Baked Ham owners can support the schools in their surrounding communities. Some franchisees have aligned themselves with administrators and PTAs/PTOs to determine how best to serve the needs of the school. Some have provided catered lunches to teachers heading back to class early to lesson-plan. Some have created their own charity initiatives that dedicate a portion of sales to pay for school supplies or school sports team uniforms. All it takes is understanding and anticipating the needs of the community.

We Make Fundraising Easy

One of the ways we’ve supported our schools is through our dedicated fundraising program.  Honey Baked Ham Gift Card Fundraising allows organizers to create an online fundraising page where participants can order Honey Baked Ham gift cards that give them access to all of our delicious menu offerings including our mouthwatering glazed hams and turkeys, sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Twenty percent of all proceeds purchased will go directly to the fundraisers to help school organizations pay for events, supplies or equipment. In the past, our fundraising program has helped fund dances like homecoming or prom, class or club trips, and more.

Community Involvement Is a Priority

As local business owners, franchisees have a responsibility to uplift their communities by making a positive impact, whether you roll up your sleeves and get involved yourself or hire a community liaison to handle community-facing initiatives.

We always encourage friendly interactions with customers and making an effort to hire locally, but getting involved really means rolling up your sleeves and digging in. Look for ways to participate in local causes, support charities and community initiatives, or work with neighborhood organizations like churches, volunteer groups and schools.

It’s worth remembering, too, that what’s good for the community is good for business. When you help your community with your time, talent and resources your community will respond in kind. That’s what ‘community’ really means – neighbors coming together to serve each other.

Being a Honey Baked Ham franchisee offers a unique opportunity for small business owners to get involved and make a difference in their schools, churches and other community institutions. Through participation in fundraisers or organizing donations, Honey Baked Ham franchisees can become true leaders, helping their communities flourish and acting as ambassadors of the values we were founded upon.

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