Why Veterans and HoneyBaked Are a Perfect Match

Why Veterans and HoneyBaked Are a Perfect Match

It is an honor for The Honey Baked Ham Co. to be a part of the VetFran program.  Founded in 1991, VetFran educates Veterans about franchise opportunities and facilitates the transition of Veterans into small business ownership. The collaboration between Honey Baked Ham and Veterans shines a light on our partnership.  And we recognize that Veterans make great franchisees.

Why HoneyBaked is Good For Veterans

We’ve seen firsthand how a military background benefits the HoneyBaked brand. We also know that our values and legacy makes us a good fit for Veterans. 

We’re Values-Based

The culture at HoneyBaked is guided by our core values: love what you do, serve others, aim high, do the right thing, and keep it fun. And we believe our values align with Veterans. Dedication to core values is familiar for many of our Veterans; each branch of the United States Military also acts according to core values.

COL Rich Mancine, our senior manager of franchise operations also serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Training and Operation (G3) for the South Carolina State Guard. According to Rich, “from an Army standpoint, the values really line up.” The Army’s core values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

We Have Rich Legacy

To be a part of The Honey Baked Ham Co. is to be a part of a rich history of celebration and tradition. “It’s iconic,” Rich says. “It’s beyond selling a commodity; you are becoming part of somebody’s celebration. You are part of that.”

Since 1958, we’ve been on the holiday tables of millions of Americans. We don’t take our place as a part of family traditions lightly. Veterans understand what it means to be a part of an organization that appreciates tradition, history and legacy. “It’s really rewarding to know that you’re part of a brand with such rich history,” Rich says.

Why Veterans Make Good HoneyBaked Franchisees

As much as The Honey Baked Ham Co. has to offer Veterans, we know they bring just as much to the franchisee role.

Veterans Are Leaders

Being a leader is an essential quality for any HoneyBaked franchisee. Veterans undoubtedly bring that skill to the table. “They have served in leadership roles, many in combat,” Rich says. “They understand what it means to lead. We believe they will be successful leading their teams in their stores.”

Of course, while the goals and operations are quite different between the military and HoneyBaked stores, the leadership skills are transferrable. Veterans come into the HoneyBaked system with a knack for leadership that enables them to thrive as franchisees.

Veterans Are Problem-Solvers

While HoneyBaked franchisees have support at every part of their business journey, there are unexpected challenges that come with being a business owner. And Veterans have the skills to face those challenges effectively. “It’s the nature of the business,” Rich says. “While you may have a plan, in operations plans change due to unforeseen variables. As business owners, they face these same challenges.”

Our experience with the Veterans in our system makes us eager to invite more vets to learn even more about the HoneyBaked franchise opportunity. If you are considering HoneyBaked as your next step, please reach out for more information. Hooah!

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