Why a Year-Round Restaurant Franchise is Right for You

Interior of a HoneyBaked storefront with display cases and a check out counter.

At HoneyBaked, our franchisees enjoy the benefit of having four different revenue streams, including catering, retail, lunch, and gift-giving. With so many opportunities to tap into year-round revenue, it’s no surprise that the Honey Baked Ham franchise is such a tasty proposition to prospective franchisees. Keep on reading to learn more about why HoneyBaked may be the right restaurant franchise for your future as an entrepreneur.

Enjoy a Slice of Each of Our Year-Round Revenue Streams

HoneyBaked has four year-round revenue streams, which is part of what makes our tried-and-true business model so appealing to franchise owners. In addition to experiencing the mad rush of the holidays as families search for the perfect meal to share with their loved ones, franchisees can also make year-round revenue through our other mouthwatering options.
What’s on the menu when you choose The Honey Baked Ham Co.®? Here is a closer look at the year-round revenue streams you can enjoy as a franchise owner:

  • Retail: Since 1957, families have made HoneyBaked part of some of their most cherished holiday meals. From our Honey Baked Ham to our many accompanying side dishes, you can experience what it’s like to build a special bond with your customers, which will keep them coming back throughout the year to enjoy our everyday meals.
  • Lunch: As an owner of a HoneyBaked franchise, you can offer dine-in and take-out lunch services, which include soups, salads, and made-to-order sandwiches. Guests can come in for their favorite fare and make your restaurant franchise their go-to lunch location.
  • Catering: Businesses, families, and friends are always looking for ways to connect with each other throughout the year, and a delicious spread is often central to these get-togethers. HoneyBaked is proud to offer delicious catering trays, boxes, and platters for these special events.
  • Gifting: Another source of revenue HoneyBaked franchise owners can benefit from year-round is gift-giving. We offer many yummy options that anyone can enjoy, regardless of the occasion.

Become Part of Our 60-Year Tradition

The Honey Baked Ham Co.® offers franchisees a unique opportunity to be part of a 60-year tradition that includes a variety of revenue streams that are available year-round. As a new business owner, the idea of venturing out on your own can seem riskier than it’s worth. However, when you choose to become a franchisee with HoneyBaked, you can count on us for initial training, a support team, access to shared resources, national advertising, ready-made materials, and more. We will even assist you with marketing strategies and setting up long-term business goals, so you can feel supported at every turn.

Take Your First Step in Joining the Honey Baked Ham Franchise

As a franchise owner with HoneyBaked, you can enjoy the boost of the holiday season while benefiting from our year-round revenue streams. If you are ready to start franchising with us, we’re ready to hear from you. To get you started on your journey as a HoneyBaked franchisee, contact us today.

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