What Honey Baked Ham Franchisees are Thankful for This Year

Photo of the interior of a Honey Baked Ham franchise store

As the holiday season continues and our golden gifts of Honey Baked Ham® fly off the shelves, we’re taking a moment to slow down and remember why we started the HoneyBaked franchise. This year, HoneyBaked has a lot to be grateful for—and most importantly, we’re glad to have the greatest franchisees, employees, and customers in the industry.

HoneyBaked does our best to show this appreciation in action and give back to our franchisees’ communities throughout the year. We asked our HoneyBaked franchise family what they’re thankful for and how they give back to their loyal customers. Continue reading to see firsthand what makes our team tick and why we do what we do.

Our Franchisees

Our family of franchisees across the country is a primary reason that HoneyBaked remained strong this year and for every year prior. Each franchisee is dedicated to the brand every day—not just during the busy holiday season—and it shows.

Franchisee Amy Nipper in Florence, Alabama, sums up our gratitude nicely. “The Honey Baked Ham franchisees I know personally are generous, kind, and thoughtful,” she says. “They help one another when in need. They help their communities and support their associates.”

We’re thankful for each other, and as a franchisee with us you’ll continue to find this strength and support from us for many holidays to come.

Our Customers

Without our loyal holiday and year-round customers, we simply wouldn’t be the Honey Baked Ham franchise. Some have been with us for many holidays, and others have recently found their way into our franchisees’ stores in search of a delicious holiday meal (or two). Thanks to national and local marketing support, our franchisees can meet their needs and keep everyone happy for another season of celebration.

Franchisees like John Midgett in Lebanon, Tennessee, have even enjoyed sales throughout the entire year to customers, not solely during the holidays. “We have seen our customers begin to think of us more than a holiday store and depend on us for weekly options,” Midgett says. This is what makes the HoneyBaked franchise a fantastic food retail franchise—our customers are excited about our products during every season, and for that we’re grateful.

Giving Back

Our franchisee family takes pride in showing gratitude to the store teams and surrounding community. Each franchisee relies on their staff members for a thoughtful and streamlined holiday season and their community members for a busy store all year round.

Nipper takes the time during the busy holiday season to let her staff know how much she appreciates their hard work. “I celebrate my team with gifts and dinners during the holiday season and throughout the year.”

Franchisee Suze Philizaire in Weston, Florida, makes it a point to do the same for her community. “As a franchise owner the spirit of giving thanks is prevalent in our day-to-day business,” she says. “From partnerships with local schools and business to business operations within the Native American communities, we are always thankful. We appreciate them as part of the family.”

Because of our outstanding franchisees across the country and their customers, we’re celebrating yet another holiday season as the Honey Baked Ham franchise. We plan to continue giving back to our communities year after year and are looking for more franchisees to help us. Get in touch with us to learn more about our deli franchise opportunities and how you can get involved today.

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