Our New ‘KellyBaked’ Ham Ad is a Fun Holiday Treat

KellyBaked Ham ad video screenshot: female burnt ham with saw in her kitchen.

KellyBaked Ham? No, it’s not a delicious new menu item – in fact, a KellyBaked Ham is probably the last thing you want this holiday season. In our hilarious new national TV spot, HoneyBaked Ham is pitted against the culinary skill of the hapless Kelly, who, despite a considerable effort and help from her attentive pooch, only manages to turn out a ham she can’t serve and a big mess in the kitchen.

What’s a KellyBaked Ham?

The commercial begins with Kelly considering two options – baking her own holiday ham at home, or picking up a ready-to-serve Honey Baked Ham®. The trouble begins almost immediately, with Kelly sizing up the ham and glancing furtively at an online recipe on her tablet. Then, while pouring her attempt at a homemade glaze over the ham, Kelly’s furry helper, Shelby, tries to sneak a taste from the baking sheet and Kelly shoos her away.

The chaos really starts as glaze gets in Kelly’s hair, the fire alarm goes off as smoke billows from the oven, the ham rolls across the kitchen floor, and Kelly and Shelby try to wrestle the burned ham from each other. By the end, Kelly tries several slicing methods but resolves to use a chainsaw to cut through the severely overcooked ham, while fine print appears near the bottom of the screen to offer some excellent advice: “Do not attempt to cut ham with saws.”

Behind the Ad

Created by the talented teams at BBDO Atlanta and HoneyBaked Ham, our first national TV advertisement in a decade is a funny look at the sometimes disastrously stressful effort of making a homemade ham. By introducing the audience to a choice between making a ham at home and a perfectly crafted, fully cooked and hand-glazed HoneyBaked Ham, it makes the choice clear for anyone planning their holiday get-together. Our long-time customers already know that bringing a Honey Baked Ham® home for the holidays alleviates the time and stress of home cooking for a top-quality slow-smoked ham everyone will love.

Making Headlines

With such a fun concept and expressive lead, the spot has already made headlines in top marketing news sites. Little Black Book, an international advertising news and networking site asks, ‘Do You Really Want A Kelly-Baked Ham? A Honey Baked Ham Looks Nicer’. AdFreak, the flagship blog of premier advertising news source, Adweek, reported that our KellyBaked Ham commercial was ‘Worth the Wait’, comparing it to DirectTV’s popular ‘Cable vs. Satellite’ ads from 2012. Europe’s most widely-read marketing news periodical, The Drum, also reported on the launch of our holiday campaign.

Where to Catch It

The commercial premiered December 11 and will air over the next couple of weeks and through Christmas Eve on some of the country’s most popular networks, like HGTV, Hallmark Channel, TLC, Food Network and Cooking Channel. We’ve also released radio and social components to the campaign to ensure the widest possible reach – just in time for the big holiday rush.

This ad is a key piece of a widespread holiday marketing campaign to bring even more customers into our HoneyBaked Ham stores nationwide. With regular contributions from our franchisees, our national marketing fund is able to distribute high-quality marketing materials like this great commercial on a national scale to promote growth – and, of course, delicious, spiral-sliced ham.

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