The 4 Best Reasons to Franchise with HoneyBaked Ham

Customers and franchisees alike know that HoneyBaked Ham offers much more than a typical food franchise. Our passion for service and dedication to our core values have led to national recognition as an American staple, beloved for its uncompromising quality and unmatched flavor. If you’re considering an investment in an iconic specialty food retailer, here are some of the most compelling reasons HoneyBaked Ham stands out from the pack:

1. Our History

It started with a man and a vision. Harry Hoeneslaar always had a knack for inventing problem-solving tools, but he solidified his legacy when he created the very first machine designed to slice ham on the bone. The slicers we use today to create the continuous spiral slice that became the signature of our brand are based on his original 1949 patent. Since he opened the first HoneyBaked Ham store in 1957, we have striven to carry his spirit of innovation and quality into everything we do.

2. Our Quality

From our unmatched customer service to the premium proteins our customers love, our focus is always on doing everything with the highest quality; no exceptions. This holds true in our relationships with our franchisees as well – we support our owners from day one with the guidance and tools they need to create and grow their business. Whether it’s access to powerful national and local marketing, comprehensive in-store training or ongoing support in the form of business advisory, community outreach or business growth – we’re here for you at every turn. Because we don’t compromise on quality in anything we do.

3. Our Positioning

HoneyBaked Ham is no average food concept. We’re a widely-renowned specialty food retailer that provides America’s favorite holiday meal year-round. We’re a neighborhood sandwich shop that serves fresh, delicious sandwiches, soups and salads in a clean and comfortable dining room. We’re a local caterer – prepared to provide high-quality refreshment to any community function, backyard barbeque, or celebration of any variety. And we’re also a great outlet for holiday gifting both for your friends and to make an impression on any business-to-business relationship.

4. Your Lifestyle

Our four year-round revenue streams create a one-of-a-kind business ownership experience. Our ham is famous for being a holiday treat, so our business peaks during the holiday seasons. While there’s never an “off-season,” HoneyBaked Ham franchisees can take advantage of the calmer months to take a well-earned vacation or spend more time with family. Not to mention our operating hours – since our hams are all fully cooked when they arrive in store, there’s no need for a 14-hour work day involving kitchen prep and a big cleanup (except maybe during the holidays). That’ll give you some extra time to live the life you want to live, spending time with family and friends and doing what you love.

The HoneyBaked Ham franchise opportunity is truly in a category of its own. Learn more about the benefits of franchising with us here.

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