Thanksgiving Is Our Time to Shine

Thanksgiving is a time to be with our families, friends and neighbors, to reflect on the good in our lives, and to express our gratitude for what we’ve been given. And there’s no better way to give thanks than to share a memorable meal with the people you love most. At The Honey Baked Ham Co.®, bringing families together for meals that matter is what we live for.

From Holiday Treat to Must-Have Tradition

When Harry Hoenselaar opened the first Honey Baked Ham Co. store in 1957, he set out to provide his customers with the best smoked and glazed ham on the market – and the only ham that came spiral-sliced, thanks to his patented slicing machine. He created the special blend of hardwood chips we still use today to smoke our hams for 20-24 hours and the signature glaze will still use to top each one with a layer of sweet, crunchy goodness.

Now, with over 400 locations nationwide, we’re proud to say we’ve never lost sight of Mr. Hoenselaar’s vision and values. Americans trust HoneyBaked to bring the same care and attention to our products as they would their home-cooked meals – and we do just that. In fact, Each Honey Baked Ham® is hand-selected from grain-fed stock and once our 16-point inspection checklist is complete, only one out of every 10 hams is selected. Then, we smoke each ham up to 24 hours – three times as long as any other smoked ham retailer.

That dedication to quality is why customers come back year after year, promising their families to put a Honey Baked Ham in the center of their holiday table.

Our Franchisees Love the Holiday Season

The week of Thanksgiving, the 10 days leading up to Christmas, and the few weeks in-between make up our busiest and most exciting season. Our franchisees love seeing their stores fill up day after day – in part because of the simplicity of our business model, and because we ensure they have all the tools they need to prepare for the crazy, year-end upswing in business.

Since every one of our products is delivered to their stores fully-cooked, the only staff our franchisees need to hire and train are glazers – who put that to-die-for sweet glaze on every ham and roast turkey – and the front-end crew to greet every customer with impeccable, friendly service. Even with holiday hams flying off the refrigerated shelves every minute of the day, there’s no need for overwhelming clean-up a full kitchen would normally require.

Tradition – With an Eye on the Future

Things have changed over the last 60+ years, from the way people keep in touch with the folks they love to the way they make sure they get everything they need to create the perfect holiday meal. In fact, just last year we launched an online ordering and delivery program with UberEATS to make holiday planning even easier for our customers. We look forward to continuing to grow our delivery program and include even more HoneyBaked locations nationwide.

Thanksgiving is what we do best here at The Honey Baked Ham Co.® It’s how we’ve earned our place as America’s Favorite Ham, and just one of the many ways we help our franchisees make the most of their business ownership experience.

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