Is Your Family Ready to Own a HoneyBaked?

HoneyBaked Ham Franchisee standing in his store

The decision to franchise with HoneyBaked is a big one, and it will likely affect your family, especially if you choose to be an owner-operator like most franchisees in our system. As you start your HoneyBaked franchise journey, be sure to include your loved ones. For our franchisees’ families, being ready to own a HoneyBaked means being ready for a busy holiday season, ready to practice our values and ready for more family time.

A Busier Holiday Season

At HoneyBaked, we’re known for our role in countless Americans’ holiday traditions. For franchisees, that can mean more hours at their HoneyBaked store to make sure that each customer has a perfect HoneyBaked holiday with the turkey, crunchy-glazed ham and ready-made sides that have been a part of their holiday meals for decades.

Some of our franchisees choose to have their family work with them during the holidays to help with increased store traffic and so franchisees don’t have to sacrifice time with loved ones during the holiday season. Even if your family isn’t ready to help out behind the counter—or if they can’t reach it yet!—check in to make sure your loved ones are prepared for a HoneyBaked holiday season.

Ready to Practice the HoneyBaked Values

We see each of our franchisees practice our values in their HoneyBaked stores. Those values are love what we do, serve others, aim high, do the right thing and keep it fun. Our franchisees display these by volunteering in their communities, coming up with creative solutions, doing their best to keep customers safe and in a variety of other ways.

In our decades of franchising experience, we’ve seen the HoneyBaked values leak into other aspects of our franchisees’ lives. Do the HoneyBaked values match your personal values and the values your family lives by? You have the chance to incorporate the HoneyBaked values into you and your family’s life by starting your franchise journey. 

Ready for More Family Time

One reason many of our franchisees chose entrepreneurship is the opportunity to spend more time with their families. Our family-friendly hours make it possible for our franchisees to make breakfast, do school drop-off and be home in time for dinner with your loved ones. While this is a generally positive thing, it’s still a good idea to check-in with your family to make sure that they are ready to adjust the normal routines to spend more time together.

If you and your family are ready to spend more quality time together, now might be the perfect time for you to start your entrepreneurial journey. Your HoneyBaked business could be up and running sooner than you think!

If your family is ready for a busier holiday season, shares the HoneyBaked values and is looking for more time together in their work lives, it’s time for you to take the first steps in your HoneyBaked franchise journey by reaching out for more information.

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