How to Prepare for HoneyBaked’s Favorite Time of Year

Photo of cooked turkey on white platter with sprigs of greenery

The Thanksgiving season is one of the best and busiest times of the year for our owners at the Honey Baked Ham Franchise—your customers are excited for our Honey Baked Ham® and HoneyBaked® Whole Turkey so they can have the perfect family meal together.

So how does HoneyBaked help our deli franchise owners prep for the big rush and lively energy that fills the store each year? Check out how we support new and seasoned owners alike through this busy time for a happy and tasty holiday season.

Create Local Marketing for Your Deli Franchise

Local marketing materials are a key step toward gaining traction and bringing in hungry customers during the holidays—especially over the Thanksgiving weekend. We provide you with national advertising and promotional materials along with your virtual store website. We do everything we can to help our owners during the holidays boost numbers and keep their stores bustling with activity.

As a deli franchise owner, you can request any creative pieces that you feel the store needs, including advertisements or billboards, local radio scripts, and even business to business collateral.

Fast Track Your Customer Lines

Don’t let the holiday season slow your lines down. With HoneyBaked’s new Pre-Paid Pickup program, your customers can get in and out of your deli franchise store in no time! Encourage your team to talk with customers about their Pre-Paid Pickup or curbside options or use it in your local marketing materials to get the word out before the big rush.

Encourage customers to peruse their options or even order online, too. This way, they’ll know exactly what they want when they come in to order, or they’ll simply order in the convenience of their own home. Your employees will bring orders out to customers for in-store or curbside. This helps cut down on the hustle and bustle inside your store, so the lines move quicker and customers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Restaurant Franchise Training and Support

Our support doesn’t just stop with your initial training sessions, either. We always offer ongoing help throughout the busy seasons—especially during major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Your franchise business leader will be in touch to see what you and your deli franchise need throughout our busiest season. We’ve also got your back with seasonal training materials, so you don’t have to spend time creating your own.

Feeling a little short staffed? At HoneyBaked, we love to expand our franchise family, so we encourage you to take on a few seasonal workers during Thanksgiving to help lighten your load. That way, your customers are taken care of right away, and your team has a little wiggle room to fit in last minute orders and take a breather.

Prepare for Your HoneyBaked Franchise Future

Excited to get into holiday spirit with the Honey Baked Ham franchise? Contact us today! We’re excited to chat with you about the wonderful opportunities we have in store and how you fit into our family.

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