How Honeybaked Restaurant Franchises Are Perfect for Foodies

Image of family eating sandwiches at HoneyBaked

The first Honey Baked Ham Co.® store opened in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan. Harry Hoenselaar sold the only ham that was pre-sliced in a patented spiral design and was known for providing the highest quality hams that were both tender and flavorful. Today, there are over 400 locations across the country, and we continue to capture the attention of foodies with dreams of owning a restaurant franchise. Keep on reading to find out more about why the HoneyBaked franchise may be perfect for you.


Although the first HoneyBaked opened in 1957, its true beginnings started in the 1940s when Mr. Hoenselaar worked in a butcher shop in Detroit. During this time, he invented the first hand-operated spiral slicing machine, which was patented in 1949. Years later, many of us can’t imagine a special meal without Honey Baked Ham at the table. However, now, we offer more than just delicious ham—we also offer catering services, gifting options, retail services, and both dine-in and take-out lunch services.

For franchise owners who pride themselves on being foodies, HoneyBaked is the perfect choice. Not only will you be serving up flavorful foods, but you’ll be able to enjoy multiple streams of revenue that can help you grow a thriving food franchise.


Another facet of HoneyBaked’s history is the quality of our products, which have always been top-notch. Mr. Hoenselaar smoked the best bone-in hams for hours over a special blend of hardwood chips and added his secret recipe glaze to create this favored 60-year tradition. The consistent quality of our products is why guests keep coming back for more and why we continue to be part of many holidays and special occasions.

We know how important it is for our franchise owners to deliver not only delicious, but high-quality foods, so you can rely on our team to provide the resources you need to serve guests the products they’ve come to expect from the HoneyBaked brand.


There’s a lot to love about Honey Baked Ham as a foodie, whether you’re a franchise owner or a guest looking to bring an exceptional meal to your dining room table. Not only do people love the products we deliver and the values our food franchise was founded on, but they appreciate the way we connect with our community and give back to others. When you join our restaurant franchise, you’ll become part of our history as a member of the HoneyBaked family.


If you’re passionate about delicious food and forming relationships within your community, opening a food franchise with Honey Baked Ham Co.® may be the perfect path for your future. We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs like you, so don’t hesitate to schedule a call to request more information about this exciting business opportunity. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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