How HoneyBaked Keeps Up the Spirit of Innovation

When it comes to the quick service food industry, you may think of something other than the Honey Baked Ham Co.®. After all, we are famous for our delicious slow-roasted ham and turkey, not burgers and fries. But that’s what makes our deli franchise so innovative. We don’t just follow the trends; we create our own.
For years, HoneyBaked franchisees have been known for their exceptional customer service and quality products. But with our new, popular sliders, we are able to offer something even more convenient and delicious to customers. The new Take & Bake Slider 12-Packs, ready in just 20 minutes, are one of our most recent innovations, and they significantly impact the franchisees who sell them.


These hot and melty sliders are a hit among friends and family, and now they’re available in two delicious flavors! The Original Ham & Swiss has been a classic for years. Available in a 12-pack, these yummy sandwiches are piled high on King’s Hawaiian rolls and topped with a sweet & savory Honey Glaze Garlic Butter. It’s a classic combination that will always stay in style.
HoneyBaked always looks for ways to improve and satisfy our customers. That’s why we’ve introduced the NEW Garlic Herb Turkey & Cheddar Take & Bake Sliders. These sliders are piled high with HoneyBaked’s signature roasted turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and Hickory Honey Mustard on King’s Hawaiian Rolls, then topped with our new garlic herb seasoned butter. It’s a mouth-watering merger that will leave customers wanting more.


“Fast” food is changing, and people want convenience but want to maintain quality and taste. That’s where the HoneyBaked deli franchise comes in. We provide a solution that meets the needs of our customers while still maintaining our commitment to excellence. These delectable sandwiches are easy to prepare for any night of the week or an easy crowd-pleaser for any get-together.


The New Take & Bake Sliders 12-packs are a simple idea, but they are making a big impact on the world of fast food. We want to widen our fan base for our franchisees, and these sliders are a great introduction to our brand. Customers come in for the sliders and try other products. For the franchisees who sell them, they are helping to build a better future for their businesses and their customers.


When the market changes, society’s demands shift. For example, our online presence was never more important than in 2020/2021, and we made it easy to reserve hams for pickup so that long lines wouldn’t concern our customers or slow business down.

Our website innovations benefit our franchisees and make online orders easier for our customers. Some of our locations offer Grub Hub and Door Dash orders, while HoneyBaked can deliver comprehensive gifting options. Additionally, we now offer e-gift cards and rewards for our loyal customers. Our mission is to keep up with popular convenience trends while maintaining all our high standards–for our franchisees and their customers.


We aim to satisfy everyone by always keeping our spirit of innovation alive. Improving products and services will only help our franchises grow and our network expand. Our awards may shine, but it’s our franchisees and customers that make our work worthwhile. If you want to join a legendary yet innovative franchise, you should make it Honey Baked Ham franchise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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