How HoneyBaked Keeps Customers Coming Back

How HoneyBaked Keeps Customers Coming Back

As a HoneyBaked franchisee, you will be a part of a brand that is lucky to keep customers coming back. How do we do it? We provide our customers with the signature products they know and love, keep them excited with new products, utilize technology and continue to be a part of people’s holiday traditions. Read on to discover how it all works together to build a loyal and returning customer base.

Signature Products

The World’s Best Ham is one of the main reasons that HoneyBaked is able to transform so many of our customers into repeat business. There is simply no other ham like it. We utilize our star product in many different ways that keep customers excited by our offerings, but also gives them the delicious spiral-sliced, sweet, crunchy glazed ham they’ve come to love — and expect. Our signature product keeps customers coming back to HoneyBaked every time they get a hankering for ham.

Introducing New Products

Another reason customers keep coming back to HoneyBaked is we consistently give them new products to be excited about. While the World’s Best Ham hasn’t changed a bit in our 63-year history, the rest of our menu has continued to evolve to meet the tastes of our growing base of nationwide customers. And the result of our passion for innovation is a menu full of options, including soups, salads and sandwiches that utilize the ham and turkey we have in our stores. By updating our menu, we encourage our customers to keep coming back and checking out what’s new in their local HoneyBaked store.

Utilizing Technology

As the world we live in becomes more and more technologically advanced, HoneyBaked uses technology more and more. For example, during peak holiday seasons, customers will be able to reserve their ham or turkey breast online and pick up in-store.

Our marketing team has also partnered with influencers across a variety of social media platforms to meet our customers where they’re at — the internet — to share all about what makes a Honey Baked Ham the World’s Best Ham.

A Part of Holiday Traditions

For decades, Honey Baked Ham has been a part of the holiday traditions for thousands of families. Legacy, quality and taste are just some of the reasons our customers come to us year after year for their Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter meals. Generations of families and friends have celebrated around our spiral-sliced, sweet, crunchy glazed ham in addition to our ready-made side dishes. By bringing a HoneyBaked store to your city or town, you have the chance to share in the holiday traditions of your friends and neighbors. For so many Americans, it just is not a holiday until a Honey Baked Ham is on the table.

Are you ready to join a brand that has the products, technology and legacy that keeps customers coming back? If so, you can start your HoneyBaked franchise journey today by reaching out for more information about the HoneyBaked franchise opportunity.

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