How HoneyBaked Helps You Operate at Your Best

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The deli franchise industry is a fantastic place for those who are finally ready to kickstart their dreams of business ownership. There are plenty of opportunities to jump in feet first and learn from other franchisees who once stood in your shoes. At HoneyBaked, we set you up with a solid support system and a tried-and-true process that helps you grow as a business owner.

Find out how you can tap into our sweet perks and assistance when you become a Honey Baked Ham franchise owner yourself.

Train for Your Franchise Future

We care for our franchise owners the same way we care about our loyal customers—we’ve got your back and will help with anything you need. That’s why we provide a comprehensive training session before you even cut the ribbon on your opening day.

We want you to feel as prepared for your franchise future as possible. During training, you’ll spend time onboarding with franchise business leaders and corporate staff then up to three weeks at a certified training store. You’ll also have access to fellow franchisees who can answer questions and help guide your business forward.

Operate and Grow Your Deli Franchise

Honey Baked Ham franchise owners also receive ongoing operations support. You’ll get a hand from your very own HoneyBaked Franchise Business Leader. A Franchise Business Leader is a professional with experience in both franchising and business operations. They’ll work with you to promote your store and get the word out that there’s a new deli franchise in town.

To help with store growth, your Franchise Business Leader can help you create long-term goals then break them into manageable, shorter-term steps. They’ll also check in frequently and offer advice and guidance for whatever you may need. Need something right away? Your Franchise Business Leader is never more than a phone call away, so you can get assistance in no time. This way, you’re better able to grow your business thanks to an established and effective support and operations system.

Internal and External Support

In addition to training and Franchise Business Leaders, your store will gain access to our information technology team. The team will equip your store with a POS system, inventory control, shift scheduling for employees, and cash flow modeling. At HoneyBaked, we even help coordinate purchasing and suppliers along with food safety and inspection support.

And don’t worry about marketing, either. When you franchise with HoneyBaked, you have access to a wide variety of customizable marketing content. From advertisements and national promotions to local marketing tools and virtual store websites, you’ll have a strong head start.

Start Your Operations Today

With support from all sides, operating your deli franchise at your highest level is easier than you might think. Request more information on how to get started as our newest Honey Baked Ham franchise owner today.

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