How HoneyBaked Franchisees Take Advantage of the Warmer Months

At the Honey Baked Ham Co., we’re well-known for serving America’s Favorite Ham as a traditional and delicious centerpiece during the November and December holiday season each year. What you may not know is that our multiple-revenue-stream deli franchise business model gives our franchisees an opportunity to drive business year-round. Read on to find out how the HoneyBaked franchise concept helps keep business flowing during the summer.

Additional Franchise Revenue Streams Drive Summer Business

Though it remains a staple for Independence Day celebrations nationwide every summer, HoneyBaked offers far more than the World’s Best holiday ham. In addition to the signature proteins our customers love, HoneyBaked franchisees can rely on multiple other revenue streams to bolster their business year-round.


Of course we sell the World’s Best Ham, but our retail offerings include turkey, traditional heat-and-serve sides, in addition to desserts and the signature sauces and dips to take each bite to the next level.


Another popular option, the gifting revenue stream is a favorite among corporate customers who want to send a meaningful gift to each colleague or client.


The HoneyBaked concept includes a robust system for offering catering trays of delicious HoneyBaked products as a convenient option for your local customers’ office events, neighborhood block parties, graduation celebrations and much more.


For our lunch revenue stream, we’ve turned our premium meats into delicious sandwiches, soups and salads that customers can enjoy in our store’s café-style dining room.

Delivery & More

Online ordering, delivery partners like Uber Eats and an established system for takeout and curbside pickup all improve customer access to your store and their mouthwatering HoneyBaked favorites.

Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) Built For Summer Sun

One of the advantages of owning a deli franchise in the summer is the versatility of a sandwich menu. Our culinary team focuses on bringing together the most beloved flavors of HoneyBaked in new and exciting ways, and always fresh and refreshing ideas in mind for our summer menu.

More Time For Fun

Since it’s such a contrast to the often-hectic period during the fall and winter holidays, some HoneyBaked franchisees opt to spend fewer hours in the store during the summer and more time on their life away from the business. It looks different for everyone but for you, it might be making sure you see every soccer game your kids play in the summer, making it to your family’s Fourth of July barbeque, or even getting more involved with your community.

If you’re thinking about franchising, consider one that keeps your business top-of-mind year-round. With dedicated support from our corporate teams, Franchise Business Leaders and other successful HoneyBaked franchisees, you’ll have everything you need to make your business exactly what you want it to be, no matter the season.

Interested in learning more about the HoneyBaked franchise ownership experience? Chat with our team today!

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