How HoneyBaked Franchisees Celebrate Our Favorite Day of the Summer

Table with various ham dishes

When we say, “the holidays,” we mean it. It’s not just Thanksgiving and Christmas that inspire Americans nationwide to pick up their favorite spiral-sliced meal from their local Honey Baked Ham Co. franchise. Other holidays that emphasize family, community and togetherness like Easter and Independence Day are big opportunities for HoneyBaked food retail franchise owners to boost business as well. Here’s what 4th of July looks like for HoneyBaked franchisees.

“Every holiday, including the 4th of July, provides really positive interactions with customers. Our hams are very closely associated with holidays, family gatherings and special occasions in the eyes of our customers. It’s a really amazing benefit of our business. Our products are truly nostalgic to many people.”

William Smith

HoneyBaked Franchisee

Shreveport, LA


Simple Operations Mean More Time To Celebrate

Part of the American Dream of business ownership is the vision of working less and enjoying life more. At HoneyBaked, that vision can become reality because of our simple operational model. Multiple revenue streams help drive sales, including retail, lunch, catering, gifting and delivery. The best part? Ours is a lower-labor model that requires no cooking – nor any of the expensive equipment that comes with it.

On a day-to-day basis, that might look like more reasonable working hours that ensure you’re home for family dinner every day, or being free to watch your kids’ sports games or school plays. On 4th of July, it can look like actually taking advantage of a relaxing and heartwarming summer holiday.

“We typically have family to our house for a meal and enjoy a down day. As HoneyBaked owners, we have been able to spend past Fourths at the lake, on vacation at the beach and other things, but home is where we most like to celebrate Independence Day.”

William Smith

HoneyBaked Franchisee

Shreveport, LA


Local Franchise Marketing Support Helps Drive Business

HoneyBaked is one of America’s most iconic franchise brands. That comes with widespread brand recognition and a memorable brand presence. Our marketing training and support efforts help franchisees take advantage of our brand to bring customers through their doors. For high points throughout the year including holidays like the 4th of July, that can look like sending out timely email marketing messages, holiday coupons and holiday-specific digital marketing.

Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) Entice Customers, Too

One of the advantages of owning a food retail franchise in the summer is the versatility of a no-cooking-required sandwich menu. Our culinary team focuses on bringing together the most beloved flavors of HoneyBaked in new and exciting ways, always with fresh and refreshing ideas in mind for our summer menu. LTO offerings get customers even more excited about making HoneyBaked their holiday meal provider!

With dedicated support from our corporate teams, Franchise Business Leaders and other successful HoneyBaked franchisees, you’ll have everything you need to take full advantage of every holiday, year-round. Learn more about it all today!

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