How HoneyBaked Does Lunch

Honeybaked Ham Franchisees preparing lunch

For many HoneyBaked franchisees, lunch is the most important meal of the day. Our lunch offerings keep business boosted throughout the year, allows us to capitalize on the business of potential customers who go out for lunch, and helps franchisees keep more family-friendly hours for their store. Check out how HoneyBaked does lunch.

HoneyBaked Lunch Menu

Our lunch business is important to us. The HoneyBaked lunch revenue stream keeps our customers stopping in our stores beyond the holiday season. Just this summer, we brought several new salads and sandwiches to our lunch menu, along with jazzing up some of our classic recipes. The HoneyBaked corporate team employs a test kitchen and listens closely to the wants and needs of our customers – and franchisees – when it comes to changing or expanding our menu offerings. That’s how we are able to promise our customers the best in every bite.

Thanks to our 63 years in business, we’ve figured out many ways to utilize the World’s Best Ham that continue to satisfy our customers, including incorporating it into our lunch menu. Whether it’s stacked onto sandwiches, topping salads or flavoring soups, our ham puts a smile on the faces of our customers. We’re also able to reach a wider audience of meat lovers because the HoneyBaked lunch menu also includes sandwiches, salads and soups that incorporate our roasted turkey breast as well.

The Lunch Market

According to a survey conducted by Visa in 2015, Americans spend an average of $53 a week on eating lunch out, and go out to lunch about twice a week. That’s a lot of people who could go for a hearty sandwich or cozy soup during the middle of the day – and a large market segment for our franchisees to tap into. Honey Baked Ham is able to reach this segment of Americans thanks to our lunch business. Our fresh, made-to-order sandwiches don’t sacrifice speed or quality and are a welcome break from greasy, fast food meals.

When it’s time for you to select the site for your first HoneyBaked store, be sure to consider its proximity to offices and other workplaces. The HoneyBaked business model makes it possible for you to capture business using our lunch revenue stream. Make sure your location enhances this possibility.

Employee Satisfaction

Lunch is one of HoneyBaked’s four revenue streams. Not breakfast, not dinner. Lunch. And a thriving lunch business allows our stores to operate during family-friendly hours. This means our employees don’t need to be at their store before the sun comes up, nor are they staying late to close up shop. Because work-life balance is important, for HoneyBaked franchisees and their employees. Plus, employees that have the opportunity to enjoy the aspects of their lives outside of work are more likely to have higher satisfaction rates – and that can lead to reduced employee turnover for our franchisees.

Are you ready to own your own HoneyBaked and start bringing tasty, high-quality lunches to your community? Start your franchise journey by reaching out for more information about the Honey Baked Ham franchise opportunity.

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