How Honey Baked Ham Franchisees Make the Most of Summer

HoneyBaked sliced ham table spread with sides and dessert

We’re in the thick of it now – the ice rattling against your glass of lemonade, the low hiss of the sprinkler before sunrise, and the weather reports showing all sun – it’s summertime. For many, especially those with a typical nine-to-five job, the joys of summer are fleeting, only to be enjoyed on a once-in-a-while evening or weekend. At Honey Baked Ham, our business model presents our franchisees with a real opportunity to make the most of everything the season has to offer.

Four Revenue Streams to Drive Business Year-Round

Though it’s widely considered a holiday standard, Honey Baked Ham offers far more than America’s favorite holiday ham. In addition to our namesake proteins that our customers love, we offer a full lunch menu of delicious sandwiches, soups, salads and sides.

Your customers can also rely on unmatched catering options to fuel their summertime get-togethers. With additional streams of revenue like individual and corporate gifting and our growing delivery initiative, our franchisees can drive strong business growth through the warm weather months.

Time to Do What You Love

It’s true that our busiest time of year comes around the holidays, meaning that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter see some of the largest sale days of the year. It can get pretty hectic, but it also makes summertime a prime opportunity to take things a little more slowly. Our franchisees are able to enjoy the one thing everyone wants – time to do what they love.

It’s not a complete wind-down. Any Honey Baked Ham owner will tell you there are peaks and valleys in business all year long. But, this time of year typically allows franchisees to take a well-deserved breather, giving them time and space to regroup, reorganize and relax. Since school is out for summer break, many of our franchisees take advantage of the languid summer season to take an extended vacation – once they’ve ensured their stores are in good hands while they’re away!

Some franchisees opt to spend fewer hours in the store during the summer, and more time doing what really matters, like cheering on their kids at their baseball tournament, finally finishing that book they’ve haven’t had time to open in who-knows-how-long or getting out and being active in their communities, participating in charity functions and fundraisers.

It’s All Part of the Package

The Honey Baked Ham franchise system offers franchisees a chance to kick back and enjoy the summer. With the kids out of school, the grass growing by the hour and a whole world to travel around, there’s no shortage of things to do when the warm months roll around.

So, if you’re thinking about franchising, consider Honey Baked Ham. Our team is committed to upholding the values of our business and ensuring our franchisees have all the tools they need to make the most of their store year-round. With dedicated Franchise Business Consultants, extensive training and support at every turn, you’ll get the support and operational stability you need to take full advantage of the summer.

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