How Corporate Gifting Can Boost Business for Franchisees

3 HoneyBaked gifted gold-foiled hams with red ribbons.

After more than 60 years of serving America’s favorite ham, Honey Baked Ham has earned its place as an outstanding leader in the specialty food retail category. But our success goes beyond the consistently high quality of our products and customer service.

Part of what makes Honey Baked Ham work so well is our business model. While our retail sales are largely driven by our premium glazed hams and turkeys, our Honey Baked Ham store owners earn revenue from four distinct product streams – retail, lunch, catering, and individual and corporate gifting. And while corporate gifting and catering sales may seem far-removed from the franchise side of our business, it can actually boost franchisees’ business in a big way.

Gifting Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham franchisees don’t need a background in sales to make the corporate gifting side of their business a success. Our Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs) work with franchise owners to help strengthen corporate gifting sales, whether it’s helping to build corporate relationships in their communities through groups like the Chamber of Commerce or offering personalized training on conducting a gifting sales call.

And once those relationships are established, Honey Baked Ham products can make for a pretty easy gifting sale. Since 1957, we’ve been dedicated to creating the highest-quality and best-tasting products on the market and providing those products with exceptional, friendly service to all our fans nationwide.

Honey Baked Ham’s Director of Sales, Byron Duncan says, “There’s nothing that compares to what Honey Baked Ham does. There’s something about Honey Baked Ham – the smell, the quality of the product – that’s just got a different feeling to it. When company leaders are considering gifting Honey Baked Ham to their employees, we like to forewarn them that they can never take it away – because they’re going to love it.”

How Our Franchisees Benefit

Because each of our franchisees gets to work with a seasoned Franchise Business Consultant like Jim Cooper, their business is always in good hands. Jim offered a story about the kind of business that can come to a market if owners create relationships with other businesses in their communities.

“Around 10 or 12 years ago, I started creating a relationship with a large hospital group in the Midwest.  One of their hospitals used to buy holiday hams for their employees from a nearby grocer, until they came to Honey Baked Ham and ordered ham for all of their employees.

And that was only the beginning. After that, word spread to the other hospitals within the group and now, we’re providing a Honey Baked Holiday for all the employees at more than a dozen hospitals in their system. All Honey Baked Ham locations in the area – corporate and franchise – benefit from this one gifting purchase. That’s what corporate sales can do!”

Our franchisees benefit from unrivaled training and support, expert advisors and an array of lucrative revenue streams to make the most of their business. So if you’re thinking about buying a franchise – what are you waiting for?

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