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HoneyBaked is a brand with a proud, longstanding legacy. And we’re modern, too! Just take a look at our consumer website. Our online presence makes interacting with HoneyBaked easier for your customers to find the HoneyBaked products they want, whether it’s for their holiday dinners or their weekday lunches. Read on to discover how HoneyBaked online makes our customers’ lives easier — and benefits our franchisees.

Reserve Ham for Pickup

The HoneyBaked online experience is designed to make it easier for our customers to get the famous products they know and love. And while we are known for having busy stores — especially during the holiday season — we’ve made it simpler for our customers. They can reserve their holiday ham for pickup by submitting a request online.

Customers just have to visit HoneyBakedHam.com, select their desired location, click “Reserve for Pickup,” and choose the ham that’s the right size for their family. Just four simple steps to ensure that your HoneyBaked store will have a delicious, crunchy-glazed, spiral-sliced ham just waiting to be picked up.

Catering Orders

Catering is one of HoneyBaked’s four revenue streams. And our online presence has made it easier than ever for customers to place their orders. Whether it’s for an in-office lunch or a dinner party, HoneyBaked franchisees boost their business year-round with catering orders.

As you grow your HoneyBaked business, we encourage you to discuss catering operations with your franchise business leader. They’ll point you toward the resources you need to hire a catering team, fulfill orders and keep your loyal customers happy.

Our Updated and Streamlined Lunch Menu

The HoneyBaked website is also a place for your customers to get the information they need to choose HoneyBaked for lunch. They can log on to check out all of our menu offerings. Not only is that something today’s modern consumer wants and expects, but it can also help speed up the line during lunchtime. Instead of standing and pondering over which sandwich, salad or soup strikes their fancy, your customers can read the menu before they leave the office and have their mind up before they even walk in your HoneyBaked store.

HoneyBaked is making a bigger splash online than ever. And you could be a part of it. When you franchise with The Honey Baked Ham Co., not only do you get the benefits of our brand. You also get the support you need to utilize the technology that will help you meet customers where they’re at — online. Start your HoneyBaked franchising journey by reaching out for more information about this unique franchise opportunity.

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