HoneyBaked Franchise Team Visits the Field

HoneyBaked leadership team

Throughout the month of June, members of the HoneyBaked leadership team traveled across the country to host franchise town halls in five different cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando, Indianapolis and Seattle. These town halls serve as an opportunity for franchisees to learn about the state of the brand, hear about new and upcoming products, take a first look at updated store designs and interact face-to-face with members of leadership and other franchisees. Here’s a look at what they covered:

The State of the Brand

Simply put, the HoneyBaked Brand is strong and growing! As our franchisees learned at our town halls, Honey Baked continues to see year over year growth in our retail channels along with strong customer satisfaction scores. Growth of the Brand benefits all of our HoneyBaked franchisees. A strong brand creates memorable impressions in the minds of customers and potential customers nationwide, reminding them why they should pop into their local HoneyBaked store for lunch or order our signature, spiral-sliced, crunchy-glazed ham for their next special occasion.

We Introduced New Products

The town halls also served as a formal introduction of three new products: The HoneyBaked, Roasted Tomato & Cheddar and a new Cobb Salad. We’re excited about bringing these new sandwiches and new salad to stores across the country. These products have tested well and the HoneyBaked team is looking forward to getting feedback on their launch from our franchisees and their loyal customers.

HoneyBaked continues to find new ways to showcase the World’s Best Ham and our fabulous turkey. Stay tuned for more new products coming down the pipeline – new menu additions are currently at different stages of development, from the idea phase to testing.

We Announced New Store Designs

We’re getting a makeover! Our store designs are getting an update to reflect The Honey Baked Ham Company of today. As we described to our franchisees at each of the town halls, in addition to showing off our new logos, the new store design will incorporate the look of a traditional butcher shop. More specifically, each store should be a space where a butcher shop meets a deli in a sleek, modern way. As our lunch business continues to grow, HoneyBaked stores will become places where customers will want to sit and stay awhile as they enjoy the World’s Best Ham.

We Built Franchisee Relationships

These town hall meetings were an excellent way to reach our franchisees and let them know what’s coming to stores nationwide. But it is also a way for the HoneyBaked Leadership Team to find out questions and concerns directly from franchisees. During part of our day-long town hall, members of the leadership team sit and eat lunch with the franchisees who are encouraged to ask any questions or voice any concerns. These bi-annual town halls are also an excellent way for HoneyBaked franchisees to network amongst themselves during the years we don’t host our national franchise convention.

This summer’s HoneyBaked Franchise town halls were a success. The leadership team was able to present updates on the state of the Brand, new products and the updated store design, in addition to getting excellent feedback directly from our HoneyBaked franchisees.

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