HoneyBaked Franchise Operations Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Honeybaked employee happily talking with a woman outside a Honeybaked restaurant.

For many, the American Dream of business ownership looks like calling the shots, being your own boss, and having more space and freedom in your personal life to do the things you truly enjoy. In short, less work, more play! Read on to learn how HoneyBaked has the retail food franchise opportunity that could cater to your personal and professional goals.

HoneyBaked’s Franchise Operations Meet Your Needs

We’ve created a roadmap for you, but like any business, your participation and engagement as an owner are crucial to the success of your business. Many of our franchisees are owner-operators who spend their days working both in their business and on their business. Part of what HoneyBaked franchisees love about our opportunity is the ease of our operations that helps lighten the day-to-day load.

How Our Retail Food Franchise Concept Works

Reasonable Working Hours

With the exception of the holidays, most stores are open during business hours, but not early in the morning or late into the night. This allows more time for your family and personal life. Many HoneyBaked franchisees are also active community members, and their stores’ simple franchise operations provide them more time for community involvement.

Minimal Labor Requirements

Outside of what we call the “busy season” which includes holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter and Fourth of July, a typical Honey Baked Ham Co.® store only requires 5-10 total employees – with just 2 or 3 full-timers. We’ve also created an easy-to-follow process to help you train them!

No Cooking at All!

All HoneyBaked products, including hams, arrive at the store fully cooked. You’ll need some aluminum foil and a heavy-duty blowtorch to seal each ham with its signature shell of sweet, crunchy glaze – and we’ll train you on exactly how to do that, too. Aside from that, no deep fryers or greasy cooktop required!

Our Premium Selection of Retail Food Products Goes a Long Way

HoneyBaked is a deli franchise like no other with multiple revenue streams to keep your operations simple and efficient.

Delicious Retail Food

The World’s Best Ham, delicious roasted turkey, traditional heat-and-serve sides, desserts, and signature sauces.

Generous Gifting Options

A favorite among corporate customers who want to send a mouthwatering gift to their colleagues or clients.

Event Catering Made Easy

A robust system for offering catering trays of delicious HoneyBaked products; a convenient option for your local customers’ parties and events.

High-Quality, Deli-Style Lunch

Our premium meats stacked onto delicious sandwiches, soups and salads that customers can enjoy in our store’s café-style dining room.

Delivery, Curbside & More

Online ordering, delivery partners like Uber Eats and an established system for takeout and curbside pickup improve customer access to your store

If you’re thinking about franchising, consider one whose simple operations make your goals achievable. Chat with our team today to learn even more about HoneyBaked Ham’s simple retail food franchise operations.

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