HoneyBaked, a Modern Legacy

As we navigate our company’s path, it’s the timeless quality and care put into our products that will continue to propel us into the future. As we celebrate 65 years of operating, we continue learning from our mistakes and innovating for the convenience of our franchisees and their customers. We strive to remain agile in periods of uncertainty and aware of changing trends with consumers. We do all of this for our continued growth and success.

Harry Hoenselaar, the founder of The Honey Baked Ham Co.®, remains an inspiration to our current company leaders because he observed what was needed and invented solutions. Our franchises know we’ll stay on top of issues such as the challenges of Covid, adjust to economic changes, and always maintain our high standards.


Over the years, Honeybaked has been a family tradition passed down to new generations. It has grown from a Christmas specialty to an Easter feast, a Fourth of July picnic, birthday parties, office events, and more. One way we show our commitment to growing demand is by finding the best shipping provider. For example, we recently switched to Narvar for our deliveries, which improved revenue, decreased WISMO (where’s my order), and improved customer communication.

No matter what traditions our customers enjoy, we’ll make sure to be the ham they can count on. As the Franchise Sales and Development Manager Scott Temme said, “Our franchise business model honors the traditions of HoneyBaked while evolving our retail experience to meet the needs of our customers.


We know that growth with our franchisees is what makes us stronger! We provide superior support to our current owners and find top-notch entrepreneurial talent to open new stores. We assist as much as requested in the site selection and construction, plus the day-to-day operations of a franchise.

As a foundation for that growth, we focus on our values. We make sure we treat the customer like gold, spread respect, do the right thing, deliver quality, make a difference, and have some fun. You need to know how to kick up your heels before you get to 65 years.


With over 400 locations and millions of happy customers, you should take another look at franchising with us. We have an exceptional franchise with the best specialty retail food around. Discover more about our ranking on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500–with four different revenue streams, a proven business model, and strong support–your search for an excellent investment has ended. Who can predict where another sixty-five years will take us? We’re going to have fun, no matter how you slice it.

Our legacy speaks volumes, and we have more to share, so contact us today.


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