The Honey Baked Ham Franchise Model is Scary Good

photo of smiling woman in dark gray shirt handing a ham to woman in light gray shirt

Searching for a terrifyingly tasty franchise model to sink your teeth into? Look no further! Honey Baked Ham franchise has put its model to the test time and time again to make sure it’s fresh and ready for franchise owners like you.

What makes our model so great? With four revenue streams and in-depth training, it’s no wonder everyone wants a slice of the Honey Baked Ham franchise. Check it out for yourself and learn why this is the restaurant franchise opportunity for you.

Access Four Revenue Streams with HoneyBaked

At HoneyBaked, we’ve locked into four main revenue streams, so your customers will come back howling for more. This way, you can access year-round revenue while still experiencing our usual rush during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.


Our restaurant franchise stores are there for families to pop in and try out our Honey Baked Ham (or any other dishes) on their hunt for the perfect holiday meal. When you open your franchise doors to customers, you’ll experience firsthand the interpersonal interactions and fun times that we’ve loved for more than sixty years.


Some customers are shopping for others and want to give them the power to select a perfect Honey Baked Ham. Others might be planning ahead for after the spooky season and are on the hunt for upcoming holiday gifts. Your restaurant franchise can offer gift cards to customers, so they can share the excitement and tasty presents with others.


What’s more frightening than expired Halloween candy? An empty fridge! Put your customers’ minds at ease with catering. We offer families and businesses alike the opportunity to order catering boxes and platters for their events. So, whether it’s a Halloween office party, a family get-together or a “just because” celebration, we’ve got the food covered.


Sometimes, last-minute costume adjustments can get in the way of lunch. Not to fear, though, because as an owner of a Honey Baked Ham franchise, you can provide customers with made-to-order sandwiches, soups, and salads. No one goes hungry on our watch.

Train with the Honey Baked Ham Franchise

Dust the cobwebs off your backpack, because as the new owner of a Honey Baked Ham franchise we’ve got your training covered. You’ll receive three to four weeks of training—depending on your previous experience in business, finances, and marketing. During this program, we’ll walk you through how to expertly open your store with key virtual training sessions.

We don’t leave you hanging after the initial training, either. You’ll always have our support team on deck whenever you need an extra hand, as well as access to shared resources, product operation guides, and weekly communications. We’re always learning, too—so we can adapt together. Plus, every franchise owner receives assistance with marketing, operations, real estate, and store design. From expert advisors and marketing funds to customizable collateral and community outreach, you’ll be ready for a grand opening in no time.

Treat Yourself to a Honey Baked Ham Franchise

When you’re a franchise owner with HoneyBaked, there’s no trick—treat yourself to our restaurant franchise opportunity today. Reach out and learn more about our business model and why it’s an exciting entrepreneurial adventure.

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