Family Matters in Your Franchise Investment

Male franchisee with two children in front of store-front

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, investing in a franchise can be life-changing. Owning a business requires a special commitment since the early days of becoming an owner can be challenging. But, finding the right franchise opportunity and beginning your venture with support from those closest to you – your family – can be effective ways to help ease the transition into business ownership.

Get Everybody On Board

It’s not uncommon for an aspiring business owner to pursue the idea on their own. Often, those who go on to become franchise owners begin researching investment options because they’re looking for a rewarding alternative to a job they feel stuck in, or they’ve come to the end of a long career but aren’t quite ready for retirement. Acting on that impulse is smart – it’s a positive and encouraging experience to let yourself explore the possibilities of a big change with a fulfilling opportunity like a franchise investment. But it’s critical to make sure everybody closest to you is also ready for that change. And often, the best way to assure your family that this is the right move is to make room for your family in your dream – by including them.

Find the Right Franchise

Due diligence is key. Get all the information you need to reassure your family that an investment in the right franchise opportunity can be an opportunity for everyone. A franchise like HoneyBaked Ham is distinct in that it offers four unique year-round revenue streams including lunch, retail, catering and gifting – not to mention a high revenue potential during the holiday months, leaving plenty of opportunity for some time off together as a family when the rush settles down.

All In the Family

From our very beginning, HoneyBaked Ham has been a family company. In the fall of 1957, Harry Hoenselaar brought The HoneyBaked Ham Company to life with the support of his wife, Josephine and $500 they mustered by re-mortgaging their house. In 1966, HoneyBaked Ham’s second location was opened in Parma, Ohio by Mr. Hoenselaar’s daughter, Jo Ann and her husband, S. George Kurz. Three generations and 400 stores later, HoneyBaked Ham remains owned and operated by the Hoenselaar family today.

Our franchisees help us carry on that tradition by making their investment in our company a family venture. Countless HoneyBaked Ham franchise stores are owned and operated by families. Because having a reliable personal support system can be helpful for a new business owner, going in on an investment with your family can be an extremely rewarding experience as you work together to achieve your mutual goal.

As an added bonus, the children of some HoneyBaked Ham franchisees have a great time coming into their parents’ store to help out. It helps to sharpen their customer service skills at an early age by greeting guests and interacting with customers. Some even go on to become full-time employees when they reach working age and – who knows? – maybe they’ll take up the torch and transition into the next generation of owners!

Are you considering a franchise opportunity for your next venture? Consider bringing the whole family on board with a HoneyBaked Ham franchise.

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