Do Military Veterans Make Good Franchisees?

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Spoiler alert! According to franchise industry analysts, veterans make excellent franchise owners. Owning a franchise, regardless of the industry or investment level, requires a work ethic and a skillset often found in our nation’s finest. That’s why, at HoneyBaked, we actively seek current and former members of the U.S. Military to step into the role of franchisee.

If you’re a Veteran yourself and you’re wondering what qualifies you to own a franchise business of a world-renowned brand, keep reading.

What Makes Veterans Strong Candidates for Franchise Ownership?

  1. They Know How to Execute Objectives

The operational methods employed by top franchise brands parallel the system of procedures Veterans are trained into and live by. Whether they call it a blueprint, a roadmap, a system, or anything else, the most successful franchise companies have standard operating procedures that ensure consistency and a high level of quality in the products, customer service experience and representation of the brand at each franchise location.

  1. They Have The Right Funding

In the course of their active military careers, many Veterans are able to save for their future in preparation for their post-military life. In many cases, Veterans-turned-franchisees are able to reduce potential business loan debt by applying these savings toward their franchise investment. This becomes even easier when investing in a franchise that offers a discount on its franchise fee for qualified military veterans.

  1. They Understand the Importance of Teamwork

Because of the nature of military service, veterans know the meaning of not leaving anyone behind. They understand the teamwork it takes to accomplish goals on a day-to-day basis and complete longer-term missions as well—the same approach translates perfectly to franchise ownership. In addition, part of Veterans’ training and experience in teamwork is paired with the development of leadership skills. Teamwork and team leadership are crucial for owning and managing a successful franchise business.

  1. They Never Back Down from a Challenge

Veterans are trained to face challenges head-on and think quickly on their feet when difficulties arise—both traits that most franchisees wish they had. Even if you don’t feel as though you have any knowledge of how to run a business, your disciplined approach to task execution and achievement means you’re always ready to learn.

“Owning a business is not for everyone. It requires discipline, sacrifice and long hours. Military life looks like this, too. It’s a personal decision that is difficult to prepare for.”

William Smith

U.S. Army, SSG/Staff Sergeant, Battalion Legal NCO

HoneyBaked Franchise Owner, Shreveport

HoneyBaked Franchise Training Helps You Fill in the Gaps

At HoneyBaked, we have the systems and procedures in place to ensure you’re ready to take on the mission of franchise ownership.

“I didn’t have to learn the “business” side of owning a business, but the HoneyBaked team was a critical piece of getting started. I’ve had outstanding Franchise Business Leaders (the company-franchise liaisons) in my ten years with HoneyBaked. They help with your decision-making, training and most anything else you need help with.”

William Smith

U.S. Army, SSG/Staff Sergeant, Battalion Legal NCO

HoneyBaked Franchise Owner, Shreveport

Want to learn more about what else comes with the HoneyBaked franchise opportunity?  Let us know you’re interested!

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