Can Franchise Owners Take Vacations? Ask HoneyBaked Franchisee David Crawford

Many aspiring entrepreneurs associate business ownership with long hours and hard work. From our 60+ years of experience, we can say those things are certainly part of the ownership experience but far from the whole picture.

With the right business model, a strong concept and reliable support, successful business owners can enjoy the sweet freedom afforded by the time and resources business ownership can provide.

Can Franchise Owners Take Vacations?

The short answer is of course. In fact, franchise ownership can make vacationing more likely and a bit easier than a startup might. A franchise like HoneyBaked not only provides a proven concept, streamlined operations and comprehensive support but also a number of unexpected business benefits you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Our food retail franchise model is much different than a traditional QSR franchise. We sell America’s Favorite Ham and a number of other delicious menu items, but our concept doesn’t require any cooking—or the prep and cleanup time that comes with it. That also means our franchise stores can run smoothly with 5-10 employees and only 2-3 full-timers during non-holiday periods. Put it all together and you get a business with reasonable, family-friendly hours that mean your early mornings and late nights are yours.

The magic of offering a signature holiday meal is that our peak season occurs during the holidays. HoneyBaked isn’t exactly a seasonal franchise opportunity—multiple streams of revenue help drive business year-round. But shifting focus toward catering and other revenue streams during non-holiday months has often afforded HoneyBaked franchisees time and freedom to pursue the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Franchisee David Crawford Puts It Into Practice

We were so happy to hear about HoneyBaked owner David Crawford’s memorable journey to India. As a people-focused, values-driven company, it gives us so much pride to be able to offer an opportunity that empowers people to live their dreams and reap the benefits of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Read David’s Account:

Being a HoneyBaked franchisee, I have been blessed to be able to follow my passion of travel around the globe and grow as an individual. There is truly no better thrill for me than to visit a different culture and gain a different perspective on how others live their lives. 

One of my favorite recent trips consisted of 2 weeks traveling around India. It was an unexpected, beautiful and welcoming country with incredible food and history.

I visited the Taj Mahal which is a wonder in itself. Gorgeous at both sunrise and sunset. The magnitude of the structure and the story behind why it was built is astonishing.

While in Dharamshala at the foothills of the Himalayas, I was so lucky to find an incredible guide. The Dalai Lama was giving a public talk to thousands of Monks that travelled from all over to hear him.

My guide was good friends with the Dalai Lamas’ head of security, and he was able to get me to stand about 10 feet in front of him for about 20 minutes as he spoke. I was amongst a sea of Monks, all dressed in red garb. I’ll never forget that moment in my entire life.

My next trips coming up are China and Morocco. I can’t wait. Thank you, HoneyBaked!

If you were a HoneyBaked franchisee, where would you go on vacation?  Learn what it takes to get started today.

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