4 Traits You Already Have that Make You the Perfect Franchise Candidate

Many of those who jump into the world of franchising are tired of the same old story in corporate America: long hours, intense competition and little reward for their time and hard work. On the flipside, one of the benefits of spending your career in the corporate world is how much you can learn within that structure.

If you’re hesitating about a decision to invest in a franchise brand because you’re not sure you have what it takes, think again. The time you spent in corporate has probably helped you develop the skills you need to a business like a Honey Baked Ham Co.® Check out our list and see how you stack up.

1. Communication

In every facet of life, clear communication is of the utmost importance. While this holds true in business, it’s even more crucial for business owners. In the corporate world, you likely learned to keep your colleagues and teams up-to-date about new initiatives, company or department goals, and the upcoming schedule of meetings and events.

As a HoneyBaked franchisee, you can use those excellent communication skills to help motivate your employees, create a clear sense of the way you want your business to run, and ensure top-level customer service. With good communication comes efficiency and trust within your team and the ability to offer a wonderful customer experience they’ll keep coming back for.

2. Management

Management doesn’t just mean the ability to delegate or shepherd your team effectively. It also refers to client management, time management and budget management. The management skills you developed in your corporate job help ensure you stay on top of a schedule, complete projects on time, pay bills on time and know how much time and value to dedicate to each of your to-dos. If you held a position with financial responsibilities, you’ll have learned to keep track of revenue and keep your books balanced.

Those skills will go a long way as you transition into franchise ownership. Staying organized and in control of schedule, budget, your team, partnerships and customer relationships can help maximize efficiency, optimize revenue and just make your HoneyBaked franchise business better overall.

3. Perseverance

The corporate world can be difficult – your hard work might go unnoticed or unrewarded. But you likely learned to keep forging ahead in the face of adversity and continue working hard despite the challenges. That skill is perfect in the world of franchise ownership.

Owning a franchise allows you the opportunity to take advantage of a functioning system and a successful product – but that doesn’t mean success is guaranteed. It takes hard work and determination to establish and grow your franchise business. HoneyBaked franchise ownership comes with all the responsibility and effort of business ownership and, with perseverance and commitment to the system, it can be just as rewarding.

4. Passion

A successful business owner has learned to channel their passion into their business. In corporate, you, too, may have had to learn to focus your energy and excitement on your work for the company in order to reach your goals and succeed.

HoneyBaked owners are excited about tackling their task list every day, meeting challenges with enthusiasm and managing their business with a can-do attitude.

Has your corporate experience prepared you for franchise ownership? Let us know. We’d love to talk about how your skills could make you a perfect candidate for a Honey Baked Ham Co.® franchise.

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