3 Unexpected Benefits of Owning a HoneyBaked Ham

HoneyBaked employee with customer in front of retail product refrigerators.

Once they sign a franchise agreement, HoneyBaked Ham franchisees get access to a long list of benefits as sweet as our caramelized, one-of-a-kind glaze. Our partners can expect advantages like unrivaled support from day one, assistance with national and local marketing efforts, as well as the recognition that comes standard with a legendary brand history like our own. But there are some other unique perks that come with HoneyBaked Ham ownership that might surprise you:

1. A Rare Concept

As a leading seller of spiral-sliced, hand-glazed hams, HoneyBaked Ham might seem like just a holiday ham retailer – but part of what makes the HoneyBaked Ham concept stand out from the competition is a reliable collection of high-quality products and services that contribute to healthy year-round revenue for our franchisees.

The backbone of HoneyBaked Ham is the classic, wood-smoked, bone-in half-ham that has graced Americans’ holiday tables for more than half a century. But our menu extends far beyond this widely-renowned favorite: we offer a variety of top-quality proteins, including whole hams, boneless, pre-sliced ham and turkey, and beef and pork products. And, we carry an enticing selection of sides and desserts to complete the perfect meal.

Our HoneyBaked Ham stores include café-style seating to provide the community with a desirable lunchtime destination. In addition to our traditional proteins and sides, we serve an ever-improving variety of mouthwatering sandwiches, soups, salads and sides to our loyal customers all year long.

Our catering service allows franchisees to bring HoneyBaked Ham out into the community. By offering this service, special events or informal gatherings, whether public, private, corporate, large or small, all add to continuous year-round revenue.

Individual and Corporate Gifting
With our gifting service, local businesses and community members can give the gift of delicious HoneyBaked Ham throughout the year, and franchisees can rely on a fourth stream of revenue.

2. A Rewarding Lifestyle

Our current franchisees are already taking advantage of running a business with a lasting legacy and a positive impact. But owning a HoneyBaked Ham is more than just running a business. It’s a lifestyle.

While we do sell a lot of ham, we believe in quality over quantity – for much of the year, our stores are open eight hours a day, with shortened Sunday hours, leaving franchisees with time to spend each day with their families and their community. And, because a large portion of our yearly sales occur during holiday times (including Easter), some franchisees are able to manage long vacations during the slower season to improve their already high quality of life.

This extra off-time also allows many of our franchisees to enjoy a strong relationship with their surrounding community by becoming active participants in community organizations, fundraisers, charities and activities. Creating connections within the surrounding community keeps our franchisees’ HoneyBaked Ham stores at the top of the community’s list when they’re deciding what’s for supper, and also allows our owners to develop fulfilling and lasting friendships with other community members.

3. A Business to Be Proud Of

All of this amounts to a business that fills our franchisees with pride and satisfaction. Our franchise owners are proud to be a part of a nationwide legacy of good business, thoughtful innovation and warm tradition as they serve their communities with the highest-quality hams in the market. HoneyBaked Ham is a time-honored American tradition that, thanks to our dedicated franchisees, loyal customers and unique business concept, continues to grow and flourish throughout the country every day.

Are you considering franchise ownership? A HoneyBaked Ham franchise has unique perks that benefit our franchisees every day. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to hear more about our opportunity, we’d love to chat with you.

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