What Makes Franchising with HoneyBaked a Unique Opportunity

Since the start of The Honey Baked Ham Co. in 1957, we knew that we offered something extraordinary for a few reasons, such as our premium ham and innovative spiral cut. These same reasons carry forward to the current market, cooking up a unique opportunity and providing specific benefits. Let’s dive into the recipe for this potential investment by first looking at three ingredients:

    • One Spoonful of “Specific Target Market”
    • A Large Slab of “Stand-Out, Innovative Product”
    • A Pinch of “Strong Brand Identity”


At Honeybaked, we’ve always known our specific target market (our niche), and we’re honored to have been a part of special occasions for 65 years. We pride ourselves on building our legacy on the shoulders of family tradition. We filled a need for effortless yet delicious centerpiece meals and opened a window of opportunity to spread our food choices into year-round offerings. Using business acumen, we embraced franchising to meet all the growth created on a national level.

Our business is called “niche” because it isn’t only unique but also a proven success. Another prime benefit, our years of experience serving this product make us experts for our market.


Another aspect of being “unique” is having a stand-out product that competitors cannot easily replicate. From the gold foil to the secret recipe of our crunchy, hand-fired glaze, people know reproducing the same caliber of ham is practically impossible. The product that put us on the map long ago still stands as the gold standard in a holiday ham. If a ham passes our initial inspection for quality, it has multiple preparatory steps before it can call itself Honeybaked.

Our ham has always set us apart from others, while additional high-quality proteins and side dishes we’ve added further benefit and offer variety for our franchisees. We have all the systems in place, the suppliers are set, and our experience is incomparable.


A strong brand identity is the last indicator of a unique, niche franchise. Do we stand out? After 65 years of growth and evolving our business model, we stand by our branding as a memorable part of many lives. With over 400 locations nationwide, our presence is substantial and a clear, traditional choice for family get-togethers. In 2018, we went through an in-depth rebranding process to become as remarkable and beautiful as the products we serve. From catering to the deli franchise, every revenue stream reflects our identity as a superior provider in our market.


Understanding the precise ingredients that make Honeybaked unique allows our potential franchise partners to judge the magnitude of this franchise opportunity for themselves. We know we’re special, our awards say we’re special, but we want you to know we’re special. Get more information today by contacting us!


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